Strong MDI: Planning for a motorized screen? Avoid these common mistakes

Strong MDI tab tension v3

Visible flaws occur when tab-tensioned motorized screens are not designed correctly for the amount of drop that is selected. Properly specified, tab-tensioning goes hand in hand with utilizing high-grade PVC screen material. Whatever the surface color or gain, all screens wider than 8 feet (2,4m) should use PVC materials with tab-tensioning. The PVC material is necessary […]

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How to Transform Your LED Display with Diffuser Screens

Create a diffuse, film-like appearance while eliminating moiré interference. Diffuser screens allow your audience to be closer to the viewing surface while reducing the appearance of the pixel structure for a smooth, superior image. How does it work? The translucent surface is placed on a custom-fabricated frame directly in front of the LED Display. The […]

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How to Specify a Motorized Screen

The 5 Most Important Details When Planning a Motorized Screen Multitasking is a common practice in our daily lives. Time is short and we make the most of it. Same with space in commercial buildings. Space comes at a high cost and using it for multiple purposes is good for your business, church, hotel or […]

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Why People Watching Other People Play Video Games is Great for AV Integration

eSports represents a new, fast-growing vertical market for projectors and screens. Strong/MDI has what you need! Contact us with with questions, quotes or any other information you need to get you into this fast growing industry! Commercial Integrator, March 2019  Craig MacCormack, Adam Forziati Savvy AV integrators are learning as much as they can about […]

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Strong-MDI: Why Staged Events Require Custom Screen Solutions

Strong MDI screen events

To effectively maximize the impact of your video presentation, don’t confine yourself to pre-made, cookie cutter screen systems when there are better solutions available. Just because an event is short term, the solutions do not have to be cheap, plain or rented. The best clients want the best experiences for their audiences. They’re trying to […]

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Strong/MDI Screen Systems: Creating Immersive Spaces

Strong MDI immersive learning screen

Creating an Immersive Learning Environment with Giant Motorized Screens When it comes to special custom design requests, this project is top of the list! CBCI Telecom presented a unique project idea for a multi-purpose pavilion at the Cité Collégiale, in Ottawa. They set out to create a large immersive learning space using state-of-the-art technology and several […]

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Strongview+ upgrade: independent masking system for large motorized screens

Strong MDI Strongview upgrade

An independent masking system is now available on the Strongview Series. The upgrade allows users to seamlessly change between different aspect ratios. The Strongview+ option consists of an independent control system for the masking, larger head truss assembly and additional subframes for the support rollers. The borders and masking are made with superior quality non-reflective black […]

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Strong/MDI: How to Choose the Right Screen Size

Strong MDI screens graphic

When bigger is better: Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems (DISCAS), the new AVIXA standard Audiences have come to expect high-quality visual displays. From classroom presentations to the giant movie screen, viewers want more attention-grabbing wow factor.  Higher resolution projectors and improved technology led AVIXA to modify its standards for recommended image size […]

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Projection Screen Perforation Explained

Strong MDI high white screen

There are many types of perforation options for a projection screen. When the audience is seated closer to the screen it is best to choose a micro or mini perforation pattern to make sure the audience does not see the holes. As the audience is seated further away, larger hole patterns can be used without […]

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Strongview Vista Motorized Screens

Strong MDI Vista screen, lg

The large made-to-order Vista is scalable up to an impressive 54′-9” in image width. The screen comes equipped with many premium features such as quiet drive system, wireless control, adaptable rigging hardware, custom welded black borders, our exclusive cinema-grade front or rear projection surfaces and a durable tensioning system for a smooth, flawless image. The […]

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