Integrate with Amazon Echo Dot: VAIL Amp In-Wall Flush Mount High Performance Amplifier

The VAIL Amp easily turns any Amazon Echo Dot into an in-wall high-performance audio source. The small fully contained amplified assembly firmly holds the Dot in an attractive wall dock that allows for accurate voice intelligibility and convenient light switch level access to the Dot’s surface controls. Its high-power amplifier can be connected to up to two pairs of any in-ceiling, in-wall or cabinet speakers. The VAIL Amp becomes your in-wall volume control keypad, voice control, and streaming music source.

A secondary RCA audio input to easily connect to TV’s, eliminating the need for other electronics equipment in the room as the VAIL Amp is now the audio system for your TV. This audio input can also be used to connect desktop computers, CD players, and many other audio sources. Using the Amazon Echo Dot Bluetooth connectivity, you can also enjoy media on Tablets or mobile devices through the VAIL Amp. Imagine laying in bed, watching Netflix on your tablet with the audio coming from in-ceiling speakers and a subwoofer. You can even mount the VAIL Amp on a desk for a great multi media system or on cabinets. Installing VAIL Amps and Amazon Echo Dots in every room of a home or office creates a futuristic smart home experience, with the multi room audio feature of Amazon Alexa, have a party and have the same music played throughout. Whole house paging and intercom system, and so much more. VAIL Amp gets better as developers work on Amazon Alexa skills with new technologies and features.
More information on the VAIL Amp System here