Introducing WMLU, the easiest to install Menu Board system by Crimson

Introducing the WMLU Menu Board System
*Patent Pending

■ Simple
■ Fast and Easy Alignment
■ Cost Effective

This is the menu board solution to simplify menu board installations. Our patent pending design meets and exceeds the expectations of installers. The versatility of WMLU solves several problems inherent to menu board installations, makes the process fast, easy and cost effective.

WMLU solves typical issues encountered during installations:

■ The wall is not straight…SOLVED…
● WMLU installs on a single track of Unistrut which can be easily shimmed and leveled to achieve a flat and uniform mounting surface.
● If needed, the adjustable wall brake can move the bottom of each display in and out to ensure that the bottoms of each display are evenly aligned.

■ The short soffit…SOLVED…
● Yes, it happens more often than you think…in a typical QSR setting, the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the soffit can prohibit some menu board solutions from being installed.
● WMLU’s design moves the display down to the lowest possible point and because there is no wall plate, only a single track of Unistrut, the short soffit is a welcomed environment for this solution. In addition, the adjustable wall brake has two possible positions to ensure that the WMLU will mount perfectly every time.

■ Wiring location…SOLVED…
● WMLU system allows for maximum flexibility of placing electrical and data connections. Because the wall track is a single stretch of Unistrut, the real-estate behind the display is wide open, eliminating the need to measure precisely and having to fit cover-plates precisely.

■ The tilt angle…SOLVED…
● Setting the same tilt angle is fast and easy with WMLU for all displays in the array before the display is hung. Simply pre-set the angle with the included pin and you are done. Even with the tilt angle pre-set prior to hanging the display, each display can be placed in a negative tilt service mode for easy and quick connection of wires.