Meet WyreStorms SW-740-TX

With HDBT Class C specification to deliver 5-play functionality over 100m/328ft of Cat6 cable, the SW-740-TX is a powerhouse. Perfect for any application that requires low-touch technology, such as in education environments and corporate spaces, this presentation switcher makes meetings easy.

Socially Distant Meetings

The SW-740-TX is the ideal one-touch solution for common meeting rooms and boardrooms. With the ability to connect a motion-detecting occupancy sensor, this presentation switcher can automatically turn on connected displays without any physical interaction from the user.

The 4 available inputs (VGA, 2 x HDMI, and USB-C) provide true BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) connectivity. The video inputs support auto-switching that follows a First In Last Out design allowing multiple users to share content without the need to touch any buttons or screens.
5-Play allows USB 2.0 over HDBaseT, meaning it couldn’t be easier to integrate peripheral devices such as USB cameras or speakerphones, especially our own EXP-VC-KIT all-in-one video conference solution.

Learning Environments

The SW-740-TX is a great solution for today’s modern learning environments. With USB 2.0 extension over HDBaseT, you can easily integrate interactive smartboards or document cameras over long distances through a single Category cable.
With the USB-C input, students can easily connect their tablets or laptops to share content throughout the classroom, while charging up their devices through the available 20v power delivery through the USB-C connection.

In every education or corporate environment, it is important to have secure network devices. The SW-740-TX ticks this box by using the latest in security protocols such as HTTPS and TLS. You can rest assured that the SW-740-TX will exist safely on any enterprise or campus network.

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