Crest Audio Debuts New Utility Amplifier Range

Peavey Commercial Audio launches a new series of low impedance, constant voltage line amplifiers from its Crest Audio portfolio.


The Crest Audio PZS-8250 Powered Zone Matrix Mixer provides installers and contractors an all-in-one solution for configuring and operating zoned audio systems for houses of worship, schools, retail spaces, restaurants, lounges or meeting and conference spaces. The PZS-8250 combines an eight input by eight output mixing matrix with digital signal processing, four channels of powerful and efficient class D power and a convenient wireless web interface for configuring and controlling zoned audio systems, all in a sleek 2U chassis. Any combination of inputs can be routed to any of the outputs, and level and mute controls are available on each of the matrix cross-points.

The PZS-8250 can be configured and controlled from the intuitive front panel interface or by using a web interface hosted from the PZS-8250 via its internal WiFi radio. The internal WiFi radio can also be set as an ‘access point’ so that a computer, tablet or mobile phone can connect directly to the PZS-8250 without the need for an external wireless router.

In addition to the PZS, there will be five other fresh-out-of-the-box amplifier solutions from Crest Audio on show for the first time at InfoComm 2016. All support low impedance and constant voltage line operation. The new range consists of:

• IPA 2300 – two input 300w mono industrial power amplifier, featuring low impedance and 25v, 50v and 100v constant voltage outputs

• IPA 4250 – 4x250w industrial amplifier, with 25v, 70v and 100v outputs for each channel

• UA 2050 – two input 50w mono utility amplifier, 4 Ohm, 70v and 100v outputs

• UMA 4300 –  four input 300w mono mixer amplifier, line voltage for 120v or 240v AC operation and high pass filter for low frequency protection

• WMA 4300 – wall mount amplifier with similar specification to the UMA 4300, with four channel, 300w capability

Shayne Thomas, global marketing for Peavey Commercial Audio said: “We have been perfecting this new Crest Audio range over the past months to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s audio contractors. These Crest products are so new that only our Quality Control team and field testers have had hands-on experience. Our development team work to incredibly high standards and the feedback we have received from testing is superb”