New from WyreStorm: WyreRing Adapter Ring

The WyreRing provides a simple yet effective way to ensure compatibility of BYOD in a meeting space without the need for a presentation switcher or over-specified system. The simple adapter ring provides
3 HDMI converters: USB-C, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort. All 3 converters support up to 4K60 video passthrough. The secure cable lock attaches to any HDMI cable up to 10mm in diameter. The metal reinforced ring provides a strong and durable connection to the converters that won’t wear out after repeated use.

• Equipped with USB-C, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters
• Compatibility no matter what computer or mobile device is being used

Cable Lock
• Securely attaches to any HDMI cable up to 10mm in diameter
• No need to worry about the ring being lost or stolen.

Reinforced Ring
• Ring made of a reinforced metal that ensures durability and longevity
• No matter how much the ring gets use or moved, the converters will stay attached

4K at 60Hz
• Every adapter is capable of sending up to 4K 60Hz content from compatible devices
• Provides crystal clear AV delivery

Shipping Soon!