Northmar appointed PNW Representative for VUE Audiotechnik

Vue-logo-med_2015We are pleased to announce that Northmar has been appointed the new representative for VUE Audiotechnik  in the Pacific Northwest!

Founded in 2012, VUE is an up-and-coming professional audio company set to redefine high-output, low-distortion loudspeaker performance through road-tested design expertise, advanced technologies and global manufacturing—all backed by an unwavering focus on service and long-term partnerships.

VUE Audiotechnikʼs R&D effort is led by head of engineering Michael Adams, a skilled acoustic engineer whose design talents balance science with a practical, real-world approach honed from nearly four decades as a FOH/Monitor engineer and system designer for one of Americaʼs top touring and installation sound companies. Michaelʼs approach now forms the genesis of VUE Audiotechnikʼs own design philosophy: tackle commonly accepted compromises with a perspective born from real world “know-how” and backed by the most advanced technologies and manufacturing resources available worldwide.

Professional Loudspeaker Systems  products include:
h-Class – VUE Audiotechnik imbues the flagship ultra-premium h-Class with its most advanced technologies and innovative designs.
al-Class – Working Class Hero, a-Class systems are designed specifically for working professionals seeking the ideal balance of sound quality, versatility and value.
i-Class – Integration Systems – i-Class offers  a high-performance alternative for AV contractors seeking true, professional grade components rather that repackaged hi-fi designs.