Strong/MDI Screen Systems: Creating Immersive Spaces

Creating an Immersive Learning Environment with Giant Motorized Screens

When it comes to special custom design requests, this project is top of the list!
CBCI Telecom presented a unique project idea for a multi-purpose pavilion at the Cité Collégiale, in Ottawa. They set out to create a large immersive learning space using state-of-the-art technology and several giant retractable motorized screens. When deployed, the screens would create a 360-degree display over 250 feet long!
Seven screens were requested in all, three of which were larger than any motorized system Strong had ever manufactured. The largest of the seven measures an impressive 21’-8’’ x 52’-11’’ in image width. The new Excentricité pavilion is now a versatile, creative space, ideal for collaborative learning experiences. See all Case Studies