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How to Transform Your LED Display with Diffuser Screens

Create a diffuse, film-like appearance while eliminating moiré interference. Diffuser screens allow your audience to be closer to the viewing surface while reducing the appearance of the pixel structure for a smooth, superior image. How does it work? The translucent surface is placed on a custom-fabricated frame directly in front of the LED Display. The […]

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Strong-MDI: Why Staged Events Require Custom Screen Solutions

Strong MDI screen events

To effectively maximize the impact of your video presentation, don’t confine yourself to pre-made, cookie cutter screen systems when there are better solutions available. Just because an event is short term, the solutions do not have to be cheap, plain or rented. The best clients want the best experiences for their audiences. They’re trying to […]

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Strong/MDI Screen Systems: Creating Immersive Spaces

Strong MDI immersive learning screen

Creating an Immersive Learning Environment with Giant Motorized Screens When it comes to special custom design requests, this project is top of the list! CBCI Telecom presented a unique project idea for a multi-purpose pavilion at the Cité Collégiale, in Ottawa. They set out to create a large immersive learning space using state-of-the-art technology and several […]

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