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WyreStorm HAOC Cable: Perfect for all Markets!

Perfect for markets like Retail, Residential, Corporate… Actually, perfect for ALL Markets! WyreStorm’s Hybrid Active Optical Cables (HAOC) are like your standard HDMI cable—only better. Our HAOC series has a number of features your typical HDMI cable doesn’t, making them perfect for when you want a cost-effective solution that is as simple as possible and […]

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Fiber Brings Live Video Production Home

Fiberplex live production application

FiberPlex Taking a video production on the road is a complicated process – cameras, operators, sound people, remote producers, portable editing suites and miles of cable. Taking the show overseas further complicates the process, requiring shipments of large containers well in advance of the event, along with piles of paperwork and customs declaration forms. Adding […]

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Security; What They Don’t Want You to Know

Fiberplex security camera

FiberPlex – Doug Schwartz Every enterprise should have a safe and secure environment for its employees, customers and people in general. There are plenty of technologies to assist in securing just about anything today, but what nobody is telling you is that there’s a fly in the ointment!Security cameras, better know as CCTV (closed-circuit television), are […]

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FiberPlex: 3 Fiber Myths We Continue to Tell Ourselves in AV

Fiberplex fiber patch

FiberPlex Blog In some ways, the AV industry is bipolar. We love new technology, always wanting to see what’s new and what’s next. But at the same time, we love what’s comfortable and continue to return to “the ways we’ve always done it” when designing and installing AV systems. While we all desire to be […]

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FiberPlex: Shining Light on Dark Fiber

Fiberplex shining light

FiberPLex Dee McVicker Dark fiber would make a great name for a cereal brand. At least then we’d know what to expect, unlike the leased dark fiber options companies are faced with these days. Just because fiber optical cabling is labeled “dark fiber,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is so. Not in the true […]

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Microtrenching and Fiber Connectivity. Crazy Like a Fox.

Fiberplex microtrenching demo-02

FiberPLex  Dee McVicker The more one learns about microtrenching, the crazier the old way of bringing in optical cable seems. I can’t imagine sitting before a corporate board or explaining to city planners why it’s necessary to uproot concrete and move tons of dirt just to bring in something as small as optical fiber. I […]

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Is Copper Cabling Putting Your Network at Risk?

Fiberplex cables img

FiberPlex  Dee McVicker 9/12/14 5 Risks of Copper Cabling Copper cabling is slow, unstable, and prone to signal leakage and interference issues, all of which make it a risky proposition going forward. Here is what you need to know about your failing copper cabling, and what you can do about it.  1. It’s only a […]

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