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FiberPlex Tech 16 Channel Active Wave Division Multiplexer

Fiberplex WDM-16, back

OVERVIEW The FiberPlex WDM16is an 16 Channel Active Wavelength Division Multiplexer. Simply put, it is a device which allows the user to combine up to 16 sources of data on a single fiber pair. Each channel can be linked via fiber with selected FiberPlex FOM, FOI or TD Series fiber modules, FiberPlex LightViper™ or with […]

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Fiber in the Cockpit!

Fiberplex cockpit

FiberPlex – There’s a tactical reason why fighter pilots need good vision. He who sees first, strikes first. But anymore, that kind of vigilance takes more than good eyesight. Today’s next-generation avionics include thermal and infrared imaging, better radar systems and enhanced surveillance systems that require the transference of huge amounts of data in real-time. […]

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FiberPlex WEN-6 Waveguide Extension Nut

Fiberplex WEN-6, WGF-6

FiberPlex WGF series of waveguide filters provide a way of bringing pre-terminated fiber optic cables into a shielded enclosure while maintaining the enclosure’s radio frequency isolation integrity. The diameter and length of the bore are precisely calculated to provide a measured attenuation at a specific cutoff frequency. This works extremely well, but occasionally the wall […]

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Happy 50th, Fiber Communications!

Fiberplex Walt Matzen & Bob Biard-img

FiberPlex Technologies We couldn’t let 2016 slip into history without recognizing a milestone anniversary. Fifty years ago, research engineer Sir Charles Kao published his findings on fiber optic communications in a paper read by his peers. Copper cabling was the transport medium of the day and what Sir Kao proposed was quite remarkable. His 1966 […]

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Fiberplex water treatment plant

FiberPlex SCADA hacking is on the rise. We just learned of another attack on a water treatment plant in which hacktivists were able to change chemical levels through the SCADA system. Attacks targeting SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems rose 100 percent in 2014 compared to the previous year. These data control systems are […]

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Fiber Brings Live Video Production Home

Fiberplex live production application

FiberPlex Taking a video production on the road is a complicated process – cameras, operators, sound people, remote producers, portable editing suites and miles of cable. Taking the show overseas further complicates the process, requiring shipments of large containers well in advance of the event, along with piles of paperwork and customs declaration forms. Adding […]

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Fiber for Training Future Surgeons

FIberplex surgery room

Fiberplex  Training future surgeons using distance-learning technology is an important part of today’s hospital operation that comes with high bandwidth requirements, long-distance transmission obstacles and RF and EMI challenges. Thanks to a new visual training system designed by Midtown Video utilizing FiberPlex fiber optics technology, one regional hospital has been able to overcome these challenges […]

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Maximizing Infrastructure – Is There Gold In Your Walls?

Fiberplex gold img

FiberPlex Technologies, Kyle Rosenbloom  In retrospect it’s wonderful that so many buildings had the foresight to install fiber optics in their walls. The copper lines originally used are now past their breaking point, having exceeded their limitations. Copper has become woefully inefficient when faced with the current need for lightning-fast data transmission and cyber security. […]

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FiberPlex:Breakthrough Potentially Doubles Speed of Fiber Optic Communications

Fiberplex Optic 1

FiberPlex Technologies Fiber optic communication has revolutionized telephone, internet, and television communication since its development and early uses in the 1970s. Continuing development and technological advances in the fiber optics industry will further advance communications across the globe. Today, the primary infrastructure for much of the internet consists of fiber optics-developing ways to increase the […]

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FiberPlex Plays Key Role In Signal Routing At 57th Annual Grammy Awards

Fiberplex role at 2015 Grammys

WDM-16 fiber optic multiplexers and FOI-6010 workboxes instrumental in getting music from the stage out to the final mobile production truck. ProSoundWeb February 16, 2015 FiberPlex Technologies WDM-16 fiber optic multiplexers and FOI-6010 workboxes were instrumental in getting music from the stage out to the final mobile production truck for broadcast at the recent 57th […]

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