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Waves Nx -Virtual Mix Room over Headphones

Direct Sound Wavesnx

Want to create great mixes but don’t have an acoustically perfect room? Need to mix on the road? This plugin recreates the acoustics of a high-end studio inside your headphones, so you can make great mixing decisions anytime, anywhere. Powered by Waves’ groundbreaking Nx technology, Nx Virtual Mix Room is a virtual monitoring plugin that […]

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Fiber Brings Live Video Production Home

Fiberplex live production application

FiberPlex Taking a video production on the road is a complicated process – cameras, operators, sound people, remote producers, portable editing suites and miles of cable. Taking the show overseas further complicates the process, requiring shipments of large containers well in advance of the event, along with piles of paperwork and customs declaration forms. Adding […]

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Product Spotlight: RCF M Mixers

RCF M18-iPad antenna2

ALL IN ONE RCF M Mixers represent a fully integrated solution for musicians. Maximum flexibility and comfort are granted by internal power supply, integrated Wi-Fi access point and antennas: the only thing musicians need to carry are their instruments. Avoid transporting heavy and bulky cabinets, thanks to the internal amp modeling simulators, expressly conceived for […]

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The Aphex USB 500 Rack: All in one audio solution

Aphex USB 500 Rack, lg

Pro Tools Expert  

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In The Studio: Acoustics 101 for Rooms Large & Small

Primacoustic studio setup

Pro Sound Web By Peter Janis The steps to improving our ability to discern what we want to hear and what we do not… Just like large big commercial studios, smaller and home studios suffer from acoustical interference that can make it more difficult to mix, especially when surrounded with the sound effects and ambiance that […]

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Isolation headphones and your home recording

Direct Sound logo-web

Extreme Isolation headphones can be a game changer for your home studio recording, remote location recording, and audio mixing. Disc Makers Echoes   –  Keith Hatschek and Jeff Crawford The home recording revolution brought affordability and access to millions of musicians. But with this sea change, a problem crept into the bedroom and living room of […]

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