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Powering Up the Digital Music Master(er)

Torus Power, Luca

Grammy-nominated Luca Pretolesi is a producer and mixing/mastering engineer who swears by the value of clean, consistent power provided by Torus Power to create award-winning dance and digital music. You could say that Luca Pretolesi, owner of Studio DMI (Study of Digital Music Innovation) in Las Vegas, is a master of EDM, or more accurately […]

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Torus Power AVR20 power transformer with Automatic Voltage Control

Torus Power AVR20, front

WIDESCREEN REVIEW SAYS, “GREAT PRODUCT!” You can’t ask for much more in a power transformer than you get with the AVR20. Besides protecting valuable equipment from voltage spikes and power surges or sags, the AVR20 offers worthwhile improvements in sound quality, by removing noise from the audio signal, by providing the preamp and amp with […]

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AV Systems Perform Better When Powered by Torus

Torus Power AVR2, lg

If you put the wrong gas in your high-end car, you won’t get the performance you paid for. Here, Torus Power’s Kevin Main explains how power is the gas of any AV system, whether it’s a small two-channel system or a huge home theater. Like your vehicle’s fuel, Torus Power isolation transformer power conditioners are […]

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Torus Power Isolation Transformers Dramatically Reduce Noise Floor

Torus Power RM Series

Torus Power’s Kevin Main tells us how he has been involved in hundreds of installations in which Torus Power isolation transformers and power transformers have been used. The result is the same every time: Knowledgeable integrators all comment on how Torus Toroidal Isolation changes the noise background with a reduced noise floor that results in […]

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Torus Power Launches TOT AVR Series Toroidal Isolation Transformers

Toronto, ON, Canada – Torus Power, maker of uncompromising, clean, isolation transformer-based power components announced its new TOT AVR Series of toroidal isolation power transformers, with models also available for use in Continental Europe (TOT AVR CE) and the United Kingdom (TOT AVR UK). The TOT AVR Series builds upon Torus Power’s successful, compact, and […]

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