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Clean, Isolated Power For Smaller AV Systems: Torus Power PowerBlock Series

The PowerBlock Series of toroidal isolation transformers from Torus Power is a smaller, more discrete package than traditional Torus Power systems. There are two models in the PowerBlock series, the PB 5, which has one isolation transformer, and the PB 10, with two isolation transformers, allowing you to separate analog and digital equipment on your […]

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Introducing the New Torus Power PB 5

Torus Power PB5

The Torus Power PB 5 is a 5-amp Torus Power toroidal isolation transformer with a compact footprint and rugged construction. The PowerBlock PB 5 was designed for use in compact systems and to power source components, TVs and projectors. It’s ideal for situations where you want to isolate digital components from analog equipment or segregate switching […]

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