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Microtrenching and Fiber Connectivity. Crazy Like a Fox.

Fiberplex microtrenching demo-02

FiberPLex  Dee McVicker The more one learns about microtrenching, the crazier the old way of bringing in optical cable seems. I can’t imagine sitting before a corporate board or explaining to city planners why it’s necessary to uproot concrete and move tons of dirt just to bring in something as small as optical fiber. I […]

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Adding Fiber Connectivity: When Microtrenching is Overkill

Fiberplex WDM16 w

FiberPLex Dee McVicker We’ve all done it. Missed the obvious. Just this weekend I was running late to a mutual friend’s barbecue and figured I’d leave the navigating to my iPhone in order to make up the time. Siri hardly ever lets me down. But after spending 15 minutes circling the same block and clearly […]

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