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Strong/MDI: How to Choose the Right Screen Size

Strong MDI screens graphic

When bigger is better: Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems (DISCAS), the new AVIXA standard Audiences have come to expect high-quality visual displays. From classroom presentations to the giant movie screen, viewers want more attention-grabbing wow factor.  Higher resolution projectors and improved technology led AVIXA to modify its standards for recommended image size […]

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Why Two-Piece Projection Remains a Vital Visual Format

Strong MDI 2-piece projection

Even with the rise of LED displays, classic, two-piece projection arrangements remains a vital format for visual presentations. While they may appear simple from the outside, advances in technology have allowed traditional system arrangements to evolve with unmatchable benefits. Take a closer look at why two-piece projection will be around for years to come. 6 […]

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