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Torus Power AVR20 power transformer with Automatic Voltage Control

Torus Power AVR20, front

WIDESCREEN REVIEW SAYS, “GREAT PRODUCT!” You can’t ask for much more in a power transformer than you get with the AVR20. Besides protecting valuable equipment from voltage spikes and power surges or sags, the AVR20 offers worthwhile improvements in sound quality, by removing noise from the audio signal, by providing the preamp and amp with […]

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Torus RM 15: Clean Power for Custom AV Systems

Torus Power RM15

Benefiting custom-installed AV systems, the 10-outlet Torus RM 15 Custom-Series (PIU) power conditioner offers 240 V balanced input and 120 V output with high power capability, total isolation, surge suppression, and noise reduction.* Balanced 240 V input is provided from two x 120 V phases and supplies highest power capability and noise cancellation. The toroidal […]

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