Televic T-Cam Camera Tracking


The Televic Plixus conference architecture was built for multimedia meetings. Video better involves participants in the meeting and makes the flow more natural. Plixus supports up to six Full HD video streams with near-zero latency to make meetings true to life. The Televic T-Cam solution tracks a participant as soon as their microphone is active and makes the video available on the network. Best of all, T-Cam works right out of the box. Putting video on the network or displaying it on a screen is as simple as adding a Video-IN or OUT box to the network. And with uniCOS, the brand-new multimedia device with touch screen, participants get the best view on the meeting, right in front of them. Put a device on the table, flush inside the table, or mount it in a standard bracket with uniCOS. What’s more, uniBOX gives you the flexibility to bring multimedia to any screen size or design of your liking.

Features –
Seamless integration with Televic Conference systems
Integrates perfectly with D-Cerno, Plixus engine (Embedded
Room Server), CoCon, and Confidea G3
Creation of a synoptic for easy configuration of camera positions
2 shots per seat
2 shots for the wide shot
Multiple seat configurations immediately available for flexible
seating arrangements
Configuration of camera positions can be done with the software
or with a USB-joystick (not included in any of the packages)
Manual switch to HDMI input for static input (e.g.: presentation
15× Optical zoom on cameras
Software may be upgraded to webcasting software