WyreStorm NetworkHD 200 Series: A Best Selling, Scalable Solution

For more than five years, WyreStorm has utilized mature and cost-effective technology that can provide video distribution for both HDMI and analog video sources to building-wide single displays and video walls with the NetworkHD 200 Series. NetworkHD products have been used in every market imaginable – Corporate, Education, Government, Hospitality, Retail, and Real Time Operation Centers.

The power of NetworkHD technology allows for scalable solutions, with up to many hundreds of sources or displays, all utilizing mature networking technology that has been tried and tested to be reliable, dependable, and secure.

The Next Generation of AVoIP Content Delivery

With top quality big screen entertainment an essential component to Casino 36’s massive gaming environment, WyreStorm’s Network 200 Series HD over IP solution was utilized, providing rock solid delivery of AV to all zones throughout the venue over a 1GbE backbone.

Casino 36 used Wyrestorm’s NHD-210-RX’s to create a trio of 2×2 video walls. With support for large display walls up to 10×10, the NHD-210-RX can be used to allow content to span a large area or be split into display based sections for multiple sources on a single wall.

WyreStorm’s NHD-200-TX’s offered a highly scalable, high quality, low-bandwidth solution paired with virtually instantaneous source switching, making it the perfect choice.  One NetworkHD system controller was used to deliver full HD transmissions from a wide variety of sources connected to 17x securely installed NetworkHD 200 Series encoders. Complete case study here.


When Security & Flexibility are Paramount

Pacific Operations Control Center (POCC) in San Diego, CA is a Federal agency that is operational 24/7, so having an AV solution that was reliable, scalable, and easy to understand was key – leading them to choose WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 200 Series.

With full routed HD to the video wall, as well as to individual screens throughout the facility – over 50 all together – the installation of the NetworkHD 200 Series made for a rock-solid AV solution. The NHD-200 Series’ ability to flawlessly scale up or down depending on the needs of the installation made it the perfect choice for the POCC.

At the center of the system is an impressive, modern 3×2 video wall that shows a variety of content in real time across multiple displays, powered by the NetworkHD 200 Series encoders & decoders. Complete case study here.