Bathys and L’odyssée Sonore at the Roman Theatre of Orange

Focal is participating in an incredible show: L’Odysée sonore. Indeed, The Roman Theatre of Orange has chosen Bathys to be used for L’Odyssée Sonore – a truly unique show with 73 performances scheduled between 1 May and 23 December. Listed as a World Heritage Site, the Ancient Theatre heralds the sound journey as part of a new cultural ambition, to become the “stage of sound innovation”.

Visitors are enveloped by sound and images immersed in a world of divinities and stunning landscapes. Thanks to their Active Noise Cancellation technologies, Bathys headphones offer immersive hi-fi listening, undisturbed by background noise.
The “monumental video mapping” of the show is generated by Artificial Intelligence. Scenery, forests, shapes, and faces of gods and goddesses are projected onto the whole of the antique theatre. The auditory element is multi-faceted too, with three-dimensional and geolocational, spatialized sound for a unique experience.