MIPRO MI-909T: The Industry’s Only True Digital Wireless IEM

Avlex MI909T

It’s arriving soon!! The MI-909T/R system is a professional-quality true digital wireless stereo IEM system featuring digital encryption capabilities with unparalleled digital audio performance and transmission reliability.  The superior frequency response characteristics from 20Hz to 15kHz clearly exceed that of analog systems.  Combining DSP and digital diversity technologies, MIPRO’s MI-909 system is the industry’s only […]

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NAMM 2015: Avlex New Product Announcements!

Superlux HD685, xl

Avlex introduced highly anticipated MiPro and Superlux products at this years NAMM show. Target date for product availability is First Quarter of 2015. MIPRO True Digital MI-909T/R digital IEM MIPRO ACT-20T-VT miniature transmitter for violins as well as the ST-32 wind instrument transmitter               Superlux HD-562 and HD-685 The HD-562 […]

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New MiPro AD-708 now shipping!

Mipro AD708

The AD-708 is compatible with Mipro’s Series 7 wide-band systems or any other true diversity receivers that operate within its frequency range of 470 to 850MHz. Four UHF diversity receivers can be operated from just a pair of antennas, greatly reducing antenna installation clutter and increasing receiving range, signal integrity and efficiency. MIPRO’s AD-708 integrates […]

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MiPro Mic Waterproof Test

Mipro MU55LX

Waterproof test Mipro MU-55LX Avlex tests a Mipro MU55LX omni condenser lavaliere microphone to see if it really is waterproof.

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