Discover the new Focal ARIA K2 906 and ARIA Center Speakers

We are delighted to present the next chapter in the Aria K2 story.

The new limited edition Aria K2 range mixes classic Aria architecture with the dynamics and power so typical of our aramid fiber K2 sandwich cone. This exclusive offer consists of 2 brand new products: ARIA K2 906 & ARIA K2 Center. These products will be available in September 2021.

These loudspeakers are perfect for high precision stereo listening as well as for Home Cinema sessions, maintaining identical sound and visual signatures between each model.
Recognizable by its trademark yellow color, the K2 sandwich cone was first revealed by Focal in 1986. Over the years, it has continued to evolve and is used to equip our best products. Today, you can find this cone in the Aria K2 line for even greater precision, power and purity when listening.
Combining the codes of the Aria range – leather-effect front panel, glass pane on the top, and a TNF tweeter – it also comes in our Ash Grey finish, premium and exclusive to this level of the range.