Focal and Naim Awards

“This processor is capable of creating breathtaking aural landscapes. The precision and control are often amazing, with well-defined effects, clear dialogue, and perfectly integrated bass. The Astral 16 isn’t cheap, but it’s a worthy winner of a 2020 Editor’s Choice Award.”

We gave this price point particular focus across 2020 and there wasn’t a duffer among them. In this contest of superstars, the Nait XS 3 is the one that emerges at the top of the pile. Here is an amp that is beautifully made, fitted with a decent collection of inputs, including an extremely good phono stage, and possessed of enough power to drive pretty much anything you might reasonably expect of it.

While the Nait XS3 edged to its award in a keenly fought category by a narrow margin, the Mu-So Qb 2nd Generation sits in the middle of one of the most populated and competitive categories in the entire audio market… and still wins by miles.