Focal Launches 3 New High-End Headphones

Focal is unveiling three new models of headphones equipped with major innovations in acoustic components and mechanical design.

Initiated four years ago, this huge project has given life to Listen, Elear and Utopia.
Embodying Focal’s core values, these products combine exclusive technology, remarkable audio performance, and the brand’s own design codes. This month also sees the inauguration of Focal’s brand new production line at its site in Saint-Etienne, France which will be entirely dedicated to manufacturing Elear and Utopia headphones.


Experience the sound of high-fidelity loudspeakers in two headphones made in France.
Utopia and Elear headphones are the result of a rather risky challenge: to offer an audio experience worthy of the brand’s high-fidelity loudspeakers through two new products. In order to achieve this, Focal approached the design of the various components in these headphones very differently from other players in the market.



Utopia headphones are Focal’s flagship product.

The sound quality is striking in terms of realism, neutrality, dynamics, and clarity. The user will forget the headphones are even there, and the reproduction of the audio signal is of unrivaled clarity.

Particular attention has also been paid to the design in terms of types of use, comfort, and overall aesthetics. The shifting of the articulation to the inside of the headband is the perfect example of this and gives the carbon fibre yoke a perfectly smooth and seamless design. The Pittards leather used for the ear cushions and headband emphasizes the sleek design, the high performance, and the comfort of Utopia, and creates a sense of elegance.



Elear is the brand’s audiophile headphones.

In essence, they are the same as Utopia headphones when it comes to the exclusive loudspeaker design and the mechanics.

The solid aluminium yoke gives these headphones a remarkably smooth seamless design. The microfibre ear cushions provide the user with maximum comfort, an essential quality for long sessions. Like Utopia, they will be forgotten by the user and offer exceptional acoustic performance.

“Focal’s ambition is to consolidate its position as a reference brand for high-end headphones.
Today we are launching three innovative models featuring all our acoustic expertise as well as Focal exclusive technologies. The new production line, dedicated to Elear and Utopia headphones and located in our manufacturing plant in France, allows total control of the manufacturing process. This ensures our customer’s high-end headphones, resolutely audiophile and handmade in France”
Romain VET
Focal Headphones Product Manager


Listen are Premium mobile headphones and like all of Focal’s other headphones, they are designed in France and combine all the advantages of Premium mobile headphones, for intense listening sessions.

They provide excellent noise isolation with large ear cushions that ensure Listen headphones preserve all their acoustic qualities, even in loud environments.

Listen also benefits from all the research that went into designing Utopia and Elear headphones, this has resulted in optimal comfort, excellent dynamic range, tight bass, and remarkable tonal balance.


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