Introducing the new Naim 300 Series

The NSS 333 is a high-resolution streaming solution that can handle the highest-quality file formats for UPnP™ devices and streaming services. The integrated DAC also improves the performance of other devices in your system, with universal control across the entire Naim range, all from our Focal & Naim app.

NAC 332 is the “analogue centre” of your system, delivering optimal performance to your amplifier and loudspeakers. It is our most adjustable preamplifier to date, allowing you to connect headphones as well as the NVC TT phono preamplifier to play vinyl with incomparable quality.

A powerful monoblock amplifier, NAP 350 meets the needs of the most demanding loudspeakers, offering a wide choice of audio systems according to your desires. It can be used alone or combined with others. Thanks to its silent cooling system, it is easy to install in your chosen environment with no sound disruption.

The NVC TT is a phono preamplifier that is super simple to use. It connects easily to NAC 332 or NSC 222 preamplifiers, offering the best when listening to vinyl records, and has a dedicated power supply, NPX TT, for ultra high-quality vinyl listening.

NPX TT is the dedicated power supply for NVC TT; it provides it with a cleaner power supply to enhance the sound and makes it compatible with many products. It connects with several separate elements, including existing Naim products such as NAC-N 272, enabling them to reach their full potential.