Miniature Fairloc Bellows Couplings for Medical Applications

Designatronics, Inc. Designs Miniature Couplings That Easily Accommodate Shaft Misalignment


New Hyde Park, NY – Designatronics, a leader in comprehensive mechanical solutions for critical motion control applications is pleased to introduce a new line of couplings. Sterling Instrument’s Miniature Fairloc® bellows couplings are zero backlash, easy to install and corrects for angular and parallel axis misalignment. Readily repositioned, the miniature couplings dampen vibration and noise making them a perfect choice for medical device manufacturers.

Because of its compact design and high-quality build the miniature coupling series S50FP9(-/M)FB…, is durable and allows connections in restricted spaces. Both inch and metric dimensioned parts are offered and a variety of bore combinations are available, ranging from 1 mm to 3 mm and .0625″ to .125″. The hubs feature the unique Fairloc® design, capable of maintaining shaft alignment when others fail. Learn more at

“Fairloc® is an easy method of fastening rotating components”, says Cris Ioanitescu, Application Engineer and Product Support Manager, “Fairloc® can be tightened and released repeatedly without affecting its torque transmitting capacity; it will not mar the shaft and provides outstanding reliability.”

Miniature Fairloc® bellows couplings are the newest addition to the extensive coupling line offered by Designatronics. Both rigid and flexible varieties are available, including modular bellows, beam, disk, jaw, Oldham and slit types.