Musical Fidelity: New Products – Nu-Vista 800.2 & M8xTT


The original NU-VISTA 800 enjoyed the top-of-the-line NU-VISTA spot since its introduction in 2013 till its discontinuation in 2021 due to supply shortages of parts.
The use of Nuvistor tubes and the pursuit of the best sound possible go hand-in-hand at Musical Fidelity. You can feel and hear the passion when you listen to our NU-VISTA products.

Heroic Build Quality
The Nu-Vista 800.2‘s mechanical construction is uncompromisingly rigid and solid. The casework is nearly immune to external vibrations and electromagnetic interferences.

The sound is as natural as can be – silky smooth with enormous transients. Amazingly relaxing and, at the same time involving. The imaging of your favourite artist in your listening room is more realistic than ever.

Nu-Vista 800.2 In Brief
• A work of audio art using our incredible Nu-Vista circuitry with 300WPC+
• Redesigned front panel with new display
• Rewound transformer for less noise
• Revised power supply circuits
• Remote on/standby
• Locally decoupled output stage taken from the TITAN power amp
• Total stability margin, will drive any loudspeaker with ease
• Cutting-edge technical performance with the magic of Nu-Vistors
• Dual mono power amps with a separate preamp
• Five versatile inputs – Balanced XLR, CD, Tuner, 2 x Auxiliary
• Both fixed line and variable pre outputs
• Home Theatre bypass
• Superb design, Heroic build quality

Never before in the history of hi-fi have Nuvistor tubes been coupled with state-of-the-art SMD technology and sophisticated modern design techniques. The Nu-Vista 800.2’s technical performance is astonishing.
• More than 300 watts per channel with unconditional stability margins and incredible load-driving ability.
• Incredibly low distortion over a colossal bandwidth.
• Extremely low noise.
• Extremely flat frequency response.
The Nu-Vista 800.2 measures like a dream but, more importantly, it sounds incredible. It is silky smooth with enormous transients and an effortless feel that is at once relaxing and involving. Of special note how the Nu-Vista 800.2 projects images between the loudspeakers so that you can almost touch them.
Estimated availability: December 2023  –  More info here


The 10-inch tonearm is a completely new ultra-low resonance Musical Fidelity design with a transparent acrylic bearing ring and conical aluminium tonearm tube. The tonearm is fully VTA and azimuth adjustable and comes with two counterweights to use with cartridges from 6 to 20g. The counterweights are TPE damped to prevent resonances. On the back, you can find standard phono RCA outputs, as well as balanced XLR sockets which gives you ultimate flexibility for your phono preamplifier choice.

The M8xTT in Brief
• Mass-loaded belt drive design with electronic speed change 33/45
• Heavyweight aluminium sandwich platter
• Heavy multi-alloy record puck included
• Height adjustable magnetic feet
• New 10“ Musical Fidelity tonearm
• Azimuth and VTA fully adjustable
• Non-resonant acrylic plinth with effective decoupling
• RCA and balanced XLR outputs
• Heavy aluminium record puck included
• Leather mat included
• Handmade in Europe
Estimated availability: November 2023 –  More info here