New Focal Vestia

French savoir-faire, exclusive Focal technology, an understated and elegant design – experience new musical emotion and Home Cinema with the Vestia loudspeakers.

This brand-new line comprises five models – Vestia N°1, Vestia N°2, Vestia N°3, Vestia N°4, Vestia Center – for immersive high-quality listening experiences.


The Vestia line – its name inspired by the goddesses of hearth and home, Vesta and Hestia – inherits the Slatefiber cone made at our workshops in France. Unveiled three years ago with the Chora line and also featuring in the Professional and Motorities divisions, Slatefiber has certainly proven its worth.

Focal engineers have succeeded in exploiting the full potential of this cone to achieve an impressively faithful mid-range rendering, alongside a deep and articulated bass. The cone is made from recycled, non-woven carbon fibres and thermoplastic polymer; the combination of these two materials results in excellent performance, in terms of sound velocity as well as rigidity and damping.

The new Aluminium/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped TAM tweeter, meanwhile, is inherited from the Motorities division. It has been adapted for traditional Hi-Fi listening, offering precise and natural treble reproduction.


The loudspeakers feature an understated design, with classic finishes that blend seamlessly into any living space. Their front panels boast a black or white leather-effect finish with a fine grain to sensitively complement the side panels in Black High Gloss, Dark Wood, or Light Wood shades. These three finishes are sure to delight any customer searching for a sophisticated product.

The Vestia line includes:

Vestia Center: the 2-way central model, which enhances the dialogue in your films.
Vestia N°1: the superbly compact bookshelf model.
Vestia N°2: the leading 3-way floorstanding model for uncompromising sound quality.
Vestia N°3: the 3-way floorstanding model for balanced and vibrant listening experiences.
Vestia N°4: the 3-way floorstanding model with two 8 1/4” (21cm) woofers, for deep bass with impact.