New SPL Performer s1200

Performer s1200
The powerful stereo amplifier

With the Performer s1200 the SPL Professional Fidelity product portfolio gets expanded with an eagerly awaited new stereo power amplifier. The SPL Performer s1200 comes in the beloved design of the Performer m1000 mono power amplifiers. Technically, the Performer s1200 is also strongly related to the SPL mono blocks. With a power amplification of 2 x 520 W (4Ω) [2 x 550 W (2Ω); 2 x 300 W (8Ω)], this amplifier easily controls any loudspeaker. This impressive stereo power amplifier leads even the most demanding speakers to soundscapes beyond your expectations. Thanks to the VOLTAiR technology the performance of the s1200 is detail-rich, vivid, honest and plain simply beautiful.

“Due to the great success and outstanding musical performance of the Performer m1000 mono power amplifier, I had the desire to translate this sound experience into a big stereo power amplifier. The main challenge was to implement the complex technical concept of the power amplifier into the form factor and the design of the Professional Fidelity series, while achieving maximum performance – but above all, it should play in the same league as our m1000 in terms of sound. After many listening sessions, we can now proudly say: We have achieved this goal with the Performer s1200 stereo power amplifier.”

MAP Price for the Performer s1200 stereo power amplifier is: $5,490

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