New Vicoustic VicCinema VMT Kit

Improve the acoustics of Home Cinemas

VicCinema VMT Kit, is a simple and effective acoustic kit designed to maximize the acoustic conditions of a Home Cinema, for the audience to experience the full enjoyment of the movie being played as the filmmakers intended.

Performance meets design and sustainability

A new line of colors and patterns was designed exclusively for this kit, including a brand new VicPattern Ultra Triangles.

The VMT absorption panels are made from VicPET Wool, a high-performance solution made predominantly from recycled plastic bottles, that is safe for human health, air quality, and has fire rate certification, allowing this kit to integrate acoustic performance with sustainable goals for being eco-friendly and human-safe.

Kits are available in two options: VicCinema VMT Walls & Ceiling Kit, with products for installation on walls and ceilings (available in 6 different color and pattern combinations), and VicCinema VMT Mega Bass Trap Kit, a bass trap kit for corners (available in 3 different colors).