Now Available! WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 124 TX

WyreStorm is pleased to add the NetworkHD-124-TX Quad Encoder.


 A Robust Feature Set

The new NetworkHD-124-TX is a 4 input to 4 network stream device encoder compatible with the NetworkHD 100, an ultra-low bandwidth H.264/H.265 AV over IP solution for distribution of point-to-point, one-to-many and many-to-many over a managed network. The new release is intended for use with 120 series decoders to provide a complete end-to-end video distribution system.


Your Vision, Our Mission WyreStorm Hospitality

The NetworkHD 100 series has gained specific popularity in hospitality settings, enabling establishments to seamlessly manage and distribute vibrant visual content across numerous displays. This elevates the guest experience by offering personalized services, real-time updates, and interactive engagements. The addition of powerful video wall support up to 16×16 makes it an ideal all-around solution for commercial AV installations.