Patton Professional Audio-Video Solutions

  • FiberPlex products deliver audio or video distribution solutions with expandable bandwidth, elevated speeds, and at long distances without the noise and jitter that jeopardizes audio and video quality.
  • FiberPlex solutions and tools provide high-resolution transport and extension of A/V live events, recording, and broadcast and deliver the benefits offered by high noise rejection, long distances, lighter weight cable, and high bandwidth advantages of fiber infrastructure.
  • The Fiber solutions enable point-to-point, add-drop, or aggregated WDM distribution for any Pro-AV or Control System interface type and enables mode conversion and signal repeating. Systems include multi-channel audio, audio plus control, Analog, 3G, and 4K video.
  • SmartNode VoIP products are used to integrated traditional Analog Audio and SIP devices together into a cohesive network.
  • CopperLink Ethernet Extenders deliver Ethernet-connected Pro-AV devices over standard twisted-pair wires at long distances far beyond the limits of Ethernet.

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