Product Spotlight: A.Bsolument

In 2015, the A.Bsolument brand was created in France. Based on Real Vintage Radio, the founder, Arthur Verne, renovated radios from the 1930s to the ’80s, integrating Bluetooth, WiFi, and Vocal Assistant Modules, as well as updated amplifiers and Focal drivers, giving modern technology a retro look. Each product is a unique piece with its own story and labeled both “Focal Inside” and “Made In France”. A.Bsolument is a beautiful story based on exclusivity, love of audio products, pure sound pleasure, and artistic design.

The three designs include:

Vintage Radios (the 1930s-1960s): These radios from the early days of audio are true historical pieces. They will find their place in a chic, modern, or vintage living room.

Transistor Radio (1970’s): The Transistor, with its Bluetooth connectivity and 12 hours of autonomous battery life, would make the perfect partner for a chic picnic.

Boombox (1980’s): A true icon from the ’80s, the modernized Boombox keeps all the original features from the era – cassette player and FM radio. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity and a 20-hour rechargeable battery will let you enjoy your favorite playlists all day long.
Available now in the US and are limited additions, one of a kind!