SDP/SI Assists Ostrich Air in Building the Ultimate Fighting Machine

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI), a leader in providing design, engineering, and precision manufacturing services for critical motion control and small power transmission applications partnered with Ostrich Air in their quest to build the ultimate fighting machine, “Double Tap”, for the BattleBots competition. “It’s Robot fighting time! We officially announce Double Tap is on Season 7 on the Discovery channel BattleBots TV show,” revealed Jonathan Collazo, Ostrich Air Co-Founder.

Ostrich Air, located in California, designs, and manufactures custom purpose-built military, commercial, and racing drones. This year they decided to build and compete in BattleBots. Jonathan Collazo chose SDP/SI as one of their key sponsors for their expertise in drive and motion control solutions, its wide assortment of stock mechanical and motion control products, the ability to customize, and its engineer-to-engineer support.

When approached about partnering with Ostrich Air, Robert Kufner, CEO and President of Designatronics, Inc. jumped at the chance, immediately involving SDP/SI, a Designatronics brand, in collaborating on the design and build. A fan of previous BattleBot seasons, Kufner said “It’s not easy to design and build a machine on your own. We are thrilled to be supporting the team with engineering, mechanical drive, and motion control components.” Utilizing SDP/SI stock parts, such as bearings, precision shafts, timing belts, pulleys, brushed motors, and controllers, saves valuable time in development and testing, moving the design into production faster. “Excitement is building as we look forward to joining other robot enthusiasts to see who will make it to the final knock-out stage in the BattleBot arena,” said Kufner. “The Ostrich Air robot looks sinister!!!”

About Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) a Designatronics company
SDP/SI, ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100D certified, offers custom mechanical and electromechanical-based design, engineering, and manufacturing services for critical motion control and small power transmission applications, including aerospace, medical, defense, robotics, recreational, and industrial automation. Over 87,000 standard inch and metric small mechanical components are available for fast turnaround. SDP/SI specializes in drive solutions, high-quality machined parts, synchronous belt drives, precision gears, and subassemblies.