SDP/SI Conforms To FDA Medical Manufacturing Practices

sdp_medical-360SDP/SI is dedicated to continuous improvement as a manufacturer in order to ensure the welfare of the people and industries that use our components in their products.
SDP/SI supplies precision components to the medical industry. With recent advancements in robotically-assisted surgery, doctors can perform everything from minimally-invasive procedures to complex open surgery with the aid of robots. Our precision gears, gear racks, Fairloc® shaft collars and Shaftloc® sleeves provide the precise motion and zero backlash that are critical in making these robots perform. Custom manufactured gears and pulleys made of non-corrosive, lightweight materials, paired with superior CNC precision machining capabilities and an on-site ISO 7 Clean Room designed to meet critical client requirements, all help SDP/SI conform to FDA medical manufacturing practices. RoHS compliant, reduced dust operating timing belts are also a key component in these applications.

SDP/SI manufactures high-quality, precision components for complex medical machinery used in patient care and laboratory diagnostics.
Medical equipment is subject to rigorous standards. SDP/SI manufactures high-quality, precision standard and custom components for pumps, renal care, OEM hospital equipment, and laboratory diagnostic and automation systems. SDP/SI is dedicated to continuous improvement as a manufacturer in order to ensure that these machines perform properly for the people they serve.