Streaming Tips for Church

Tips to help stay connected to your congregation
If your church is interested in live streaming services to your congregation at home, you may be facing challenges with the technology. Quick and easy solutions are only available by hiring a costly AV production company. If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed with the task of implementing a streaming solution, please don’t hesitate to call or email me for assistance. I am happy to answer questions and make recommendations for audio/video and streaming solutions.

Streaming involves taking both audio and video into consideration. One recommendation I have for the audio portion of your stream is to create a dedicated mix – separate from the mix heard through the church’s installed speakers. Much like a recording or broadcast TV studio, a proper audio mix for streaming is best done through near field monitors. VUE’s i-series full-range high-performance loudspeakers are ideal for this. The i-6a and i-8a have a small footprint, internal power amp, and is easy and quick to set-up. If space is limited, VUE also offers a proprietary adaptor that allows mounting on top of a microphone stand.
This enables desk space to be uncluttered while elevating the speakers to a proper listening position and height. The i-6a are in-stock and ready to ship if you are serious about streaming a quality mix with your video.

Here is a short video by Brandon Rinas, Sales Development House of Worship Systems at VUE, with a few tips to help with live streaming.