Strong MDI: Event Screen Systems Solutions

Your event comes alive with big images from Strong MDI. Whether your event needs a single flat screen surface or a wraparound immersive environment, Strong MDI has a range of solutions to fit your application and budget. The unique aspect of an Event System is the ease with which it can be set up, torn down, and moved to the next venue.

The Truss Solution

You are setting up a box truss and need a screen surface. Come to StrongMDI for a wide range of material options, finished as needed to fit your truss. Standard edge finishing includes grommets for lacing the screen to the truss. The screen can be laced inside the truss or be sized to wrap it for lacing to the back for a borderless look.

The Pipe Solution

Your venue and budget do not require a fully framed system. Hang a rigging pipe from the ceiling or lifts. Strong MDI will make a free-hanging screen that laces to the rigging pipe at the top. We’ll finish the screen with a pocket at the bottom to weigh it down to hang flat.
We can also add a skirt at the bottom to hide the pipe pocket and extend the projection area all the way down.

The Invisible Wrap Solution

You don’t want to see a frame and don’t require the expense of the four-sided truss. Strong MDI’s Domino truss creates the perfect invisible solution for hanging an event screen. The screen material wraps over the Dominotruss to lace in the back. Combine the Domino truss for the top with heavy pipe for the bottom. We’ll finish the screen with a pocket at the bottom to weigh it down to hang flat. Strong MDI has all the parts needed for a complete package.