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Aphex LLC Acquired by RØDE Microphones

David Wiener, Chairman & CEO of Aphex LLC, a DWV Entertainment company, has announced that Australia-based RØDE Microphones has officially acquired Aphex, LLC. Aphex was founded 1975 – known then as Aphex Systems – and was sold to DMV, LLC in 2010. For decades, Aphex products have been a favorite in the music, film, video, theater, […]

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170 million unique visitors each month: Reddit Podcasts powered by Aphex

Reddit icon 2015
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Aphex Mic X: The Best USB Microphone?

Voiceover professionals all over the world agree: for going on the road with a laptop and a USB mic – or for starting out in voiceover with an astonishingly good, bargain-priced microphone – it’s hard to argue with Microphone X.  

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Keeping 157 Movie Stars Under Control

APhex 320D at Sundance Film Festival 2015

Aphex 320D Compellor Powers KPCW – Official Voice Of Sundance Movie stars can get just a bit animated. That’s why Sundance broadcasters and official radio station, KPCW, use the Aphex 320D Audio Level Controller to keep volume levels consistent during interviews and shows. Aphex gives them sound leveling with unprecedented transparency. If you have a […]

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Aphex Wins 2014 Most Innovative Product Award

IPA Mix icon 2014

November 2014 NewBay Media Pro Audio Group’s – Mix, Pro Sound News, and Pro Audio Review – announced the winners of the first annual, year-end Innovative Product Awards of some of the breakthrough technologies in 2014. Selected by their Readers, the Aphex USB 500 Rack Chassis was one of the recipients selected from one of […]

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Aphex Project 500 and CX 500 Modules now shipping!

Aphex Project 500 & CX 500

The wait is over! The highly anticipated Project 500 and CX 500 modules are now available for shipping! The Project 500 is a full channel strip in a single 500 Series module. It features a Class A preamp, an optical compressor, a 2-band, overlapping EQ and a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output-balancing transformer. The Class A […]

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Audio Media Review: Aphex USB 500 Rack

Aphex USB 500 Rack

Audio Media -November 6, 2014 Sam and Dave, Morecombe and Wise, corned beef and cabbage. There are some combinations that just work. And others – Donnie and Marie, lager and lime – that make your heart sink. So now that Aphex has released its 500 USB frame combining 500 module flexibility with USB connectivity, the […]

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The Aphex USB 500 Rack: All in one audio solution

Aphex USB 500 Rack, lg

Pro Tools Expert  

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USB 500 Rack Will Get You Going

Aphex USB 500

Aphex Artists Zach & Bridget put together this video about using the new Aphex USB 500 Rack. “It doesn’t get any easier; no fuss, no nonsense, just unabridged inspiration, heartfelt music and fabulous Aphex sound.”

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Latency with Aphex USB Audio Interfaces

Aphex In2, lg

LATENCY DEFINED Latency is a term used with computer audio recording. Latency refers to the amount of time it takes for you to sing in to a microphone and hear your voice in the headphones coming back from the computer. If that amount of time is less than 10 milliseconds (ms) you’re in good shape! […]

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