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Patton’s New Industrial Extender Carries Ethernet and RS-232 up to Four Miles over Copper

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton—US manufacturer of world-class industrial network solutions since 1984—proudly announces the new CopperLink CL2320R Series of ruggedized long-range industrial network extender, Initial shipments of the CL2320R are expected to begin in September. “Patton is thrilled to introduce our new Industrial-Grade Ethernet Extender,” said Mr. Robert Patton, CEO of Patton. “Years ago, we created the […]

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Patton Professional Audio-Video Solutions

FiberPlex products deliver audio or video distribution solutions with expandable bandwidth, elevated speeds, and at long distances without the noise and jitter that jeopardizes audio and video quality. FiberPlex solutions and tools provide high-resolution transport and extension of A/V live events, recording, and broadcast and deliver the benefits offered by high noise rejection, long distances, […]

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