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Strong MDI: Event Screen Systems Solutions

Your event comes alive with big images from Strong MDI. Whether your event needs a single flat screen surface or a wraparound immersive environment, Strong MDI has a range of solutions to fit your application and budget. The unique aspect of an Event System is the ease with which it can be set up, torn […]

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Why People Watching Other People Play Video Games is Great for AV Integration

eSports represents a new, fast-growing vertical market for projectors and screens. Strong/MDI has what you need! Contact us with with questions, quotes or any other information you need to get you into this fast growing industry! Commercial Integrator, March 2019  Craig MacCormack, Adam Forziati Savvy AV integrators are learning as much as they can about […]

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Strong-MDI: Why Staged Events Require Custom Screen Solutions

Strong MDI screen events

To effectively maximize the impact of your video presentation, don’t confine yourself to pre-made, cookie cutter screen systems when there are better solutions available. Just because an event is short term, the solutions do not have to be cheap, plain or rented. The best clients want the best experiences for their audiences. They’re trying to […]

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Strongview+ upgrade: independent masking system for large motorized screens

Strong MDI Strongview upgrade

An independent masking system is now available on the Strongview Series. The upgrade allows users to seamlessly change between different aspect ratios. The Strongview+ option consists of an independent control system for the masking, larger head truss assembly and additional subframes for the support rollers. The borders and masking are made with superior quality non-reflective black […]

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Strong/MDI: How to Choose the Right Screen Size

Strong MDI screens graphic

When bigger is better: Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems (DISCAS), the new AVIXA standard Audiences have come to expect high-quality visual displays. From classroom presentations to the giant movie screen, viewers want more attention-grabbing wow factor.  Higher resolution projectors and improved technology led AVIXA to modify its standards for recommended image size […]

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Projection Screen Perforation Explained

Strong MDI high white screen

There are many types of perforation options for a projection screen. When the audience is seated closer to the screen it is best to choose a micro or mini perforation pattern to make sure the audience does not see the holes. As the audience is seated further away, larger hole patterns can be used without […]

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Why Two-Piece Projection Remains a Vital Visual Format

Strong MDI 2-piece projection

Even with the rise of LED displays, classic, two-piece projection arrangements remains a vital format for visual presentations. While they may appear simple from the outside, advances in technology have allowed traditional system arrangements to evolve with unmatchable benefits. Take a closer look at why two-piece projection will be around for years to come. 6 […]

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LED Walls vs Projection Screens for Large Commercial Applications

Strong MDI custom screen solutions, lg

Three reasons why projection screens still hold their own when compared to LED panels for corporate events. Event planners are creating more immersive events; high quality displays that draw the audience in. Traditional business presentations no longer suffice, when attending an event, audiences now expect more. There is no better way of enhancing the visual experience […]

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Choosing a Custom Projection Screen

Strong MDI, ComediHa

Choosing the right projection screen for your venue or event may seem straightforward at first. While the screen represents a small portion of the total budget devoted to most commercial audio visual projects, choosing the right projection surface is paramount in attaining your desired visuals. In addition, specialty screens are often an integral part of […]

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Screen Solutions for Your Themed Entertainment Needs

Strong MDI immersive screen banner

How Strong/MDI’s Screen Solutions Can Meet Your Themed Entertainment Needs While projector screens are synonymous with cinemas, they’re also widely used in themed entertainment projects like amusement park rides and interactive viewing experiences. Made-to-order systems offer endless possibilities, so you can quickly transform a small inkling of an idea into a full-blown, tangible project with […]

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