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This is next level!

The DS-73 headphones are a pair of semi-open-back professional monitoring headphones from Direct Sound. They feature a circumaural design to surround your ear and seal off from the environment. With large 50mm drivers, they offer transparent highs, accurate midrange, powerful low end, and a wide frequency response of 10Hz to 36kHz. The DS-73 headphones are […]

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Waves Nx -Virtual Mix Room over Headphones

Direct Sound Wavesnx

Want to create great mixes but don’t have an acoustically perfect room? Need to mix on the road? This plugin recreates the acoustics of a high-end studio inside your headphones, so you can make great mixing decisions anytime, anywhere. Powered by Waves’ groundbreaking Nx technology, Nx Virtual Mix Room is a virtual monitoring plugin that […]

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Direct Sound’s Newest Edition EXTW37 Pro Wireless

Direct Sound EXTW37 pro wireless headphones-01

The  EXTW37 Pro Wireless & Mic Extreme TRUE wireless with 37 Db’s of cancellation!   You’ve never heard “True” wireless headphones like these very first EXTW37 professional studio wireless headset unit. Incorporated with Cutting-edge High Precision Audio ensures you’ll hear every note, just as it’s intended. The new maximum isolation wireless headset delivers 37 dB of […]

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Direct Sound – Love Your Headphones

Direct Sound Science of Sound-01

Direct Sound makes a complete line of passive Extreme Isolation Headphones, each suited for pro audio, travel or total hearing protection.

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Three Reasons You Need an Isolation Headphone

Direct Sound EX29, white

Direct Sound, LLC – There are many different headphone styles and designs on the market today. Deciding what type works best for your personal recording environment can be confusing. In this post, our goal is to help you understand the benefits isolation headphones have for recording environments and an understanding of the closed-back design isolation […]

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Acoustic Principles: Understanding How Sound Travels

Soundwave motion animation2

DirectSound Acoustic principles – understanding how sound travels – can make a big difference in creating great recordings. There are two main measurable elements of a sound wave: frequency and amplitude. Frequency refers to the rate of forward and backward movement of a compression wave and the up-and-down movement of a waveform. One wavelength is […]

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The Science of Sound

Direct Sound Science of Sound-01

Direct Sound Headphones We often hear producers talk about our ears as being the most important tools you have in the studio. Our ears are the first step in processing music that is converted into a feeling. And it’s this feeling, good or bad, that will cause us to take an action — cry, laugh, […]

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Direct Sound 2017 Winter NAMM Product Debut

Direct Sound Bobby Messano feature

Direct Sound’s new company Mixwan will be making a big splash at the show with an industry first. Mixwan is our wireless systems company, and at NAMM, we’ll have some new products that particularly guitarists and vocalists will be interested in. It sounds like a bold claim to say “… The first in the industry… […]

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Direct Sound Announces Appointment of Danielle Leopardi As COO

DIrect Sound Danielle Leopardi feature-02

Direct Sound, the leader in professional-quality isolation headphones and wireless technologies for recording and live performance, has announced the appointment of Danielle Leopardi as Chief Operating Officer. The announcement reflects the company’s widening market focus, marked by recent restructuring and new product development and introductions. Over the last year, the company has invested millions into […]

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Tech Companies Using Isolation Headphones

Direct Sound open-office

Direct Sound You know those ultra-cool open workspaces that are so trendy with high-tech startups and other hip companies? Turns out that for all of the camaraderie, brainstorming and “synergy” these shared work areas facilitate, they can create a pretty big problem too – endless employee distractions and interruptions that ultimately lower productivity. A few statistics, […]

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