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Discover Focal Clear MG Headphones

Clear Mg is Focal’s new premium headphones for at-home listening. With an open-back design and completely free speaker drivers that operate with no restrictions, the pure and detailed sound they provide is exceptionally real. The gold standard in Focal open-back headphones, Clear Mg delivers outstanding sound performance and sophisticated, design-led features. Made in France, these […]

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New Superlux Headphones are here!

Superlux HD671

The most comfortable & best sounding headphones that SUPERLUX has ever made! Superlux HD671 Closed-Back Headphone The Superlux HD671 is a closed-back  equipped with 50mm precision composite transducers. It’s balanced frequency response, high sensitivity and low impedance provide exceptional sound quality with clarity and detail. These Superlux HD671 headphones can be used with a wide variety of […]

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Direct Sound – Love Your Headphones

Direct Sound Science of Sound-01

Direct Sound makes a complete line of passive Extreme Isolation Headphones, each suited for pro audio, travel or total hearing protection.

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Direct Sound 2017 Winter NAMM Product Debut

Direct Sound Bobby Messano feature

Direct Sound’s new company Mixwan will be making a big splash at the show with an industry first. Mixwan is our wireless systems company, and at NAMM, we’ll have some new products that particularly guitarists and vocalists will be interested in. It sounds like a bold claim to say “… The first in the industry… […]

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Product Spotlight: Direct Sound Headphones – A Focus on Function, Not Fashion

Direct Sound Headphones headbands

A recent ad for a trendy fashion headphone touts “No cheap plastic” and a “sound platform made of steel and aluminum.” Next, the ad promotes the headphone’s “aluminum gunmetal frame.” Steel. Aluminum. Gunmetal Frame. Is this an ad for a pair of headphones, or a security lock? Admittedly, “plastic” doesn’t sound sexy as it relates […]

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