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The New Focal Bathys Headphones

Bathys: the brand-new Focal headphones, blending high-fidelity sound with Bluetooth® technologies and Active noise cancellation! Bathys’ design draws from Focal’s open-back and closed-back headphones. The earcups’ grilles continue Focal’s headphone design codes with its esthetic curved form. For a refined design that is as minimalist as it is elegant, Focal’s icon, the flame in the […]

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Focal Launches 3 New High-End Headphones

Focal is unveiling three new models of headphones equipped with major innovations in acoustic components and mechanical design. Initiated four years ago, this huge project has given life to Listen, Elear and Utopia. Embodying Focal’s core values, these products combine exclusive technology, remarkable audio performance, and the brand’s own design codes. This month also sees […]

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Discover Celestee headphones

Celestee combines modern design, luxurious finishes and impressive sound performance. Their exclusive Focal speaker drivers guarantee excellent dynamics and high precision sound. The earcups have undergone acoustic treatment to restrict resonance and achieve uncompromising audio quality: the sound is clean, precise and with good bass extension. Another standout feature of Celestee is its unique Navy Blue […]

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