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New Vicoustic VicAudiophile VMT Kit!

Vicoustic understands that no matter how efficient a Hi-Fi system is or how correctly loudspeakers are placed, if room acoustics is not properly addressed, it is likely that you will end up hearing more energy coming from the room than from the loudspeakers. This will compromise the listening experience and ultimately raise doubts about the […]

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Primacoustic Introduces Broadway Acoustic Panel

ProSoundWeb – Primacoustic introduces the Broadway 48×48-inch acoustic panel, an extra-large sound absorbing wall panel for installation in larger rooms and commercial facilities. Constructed from high-density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool, Broadway panels provide acoustic absorption across a wide frequency range, which helps alleviate issues such as excessive reverberation and noise which can be […]

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Product Spotlight: Primacoustic Paintables™

Primacoustic Cloud Paintables app-02

Vancouver, BC – Primacoustic is pleased to introduce Paintables™ Clouds – a new series of high performance acoustic panels you can paint. “The series features three different shapes of absorptive acoustic panels that can be used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels to reduce excess reverberation and improve intelligibility. The unique shapes and sizes open […]

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