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M&K Sound S150/S150t THX Ultra Speaker System Review

M & K Sound S150 and S150t

Sound & Vision It was a sad day for home theater fans when M&K Sound exited the speaker-building business in 2007. Fortunately, a group of investors and former managers bought that company’s assets and created a new venture called MK Sound. To celebrate the company’s 40-year anniversary in 2013, the team decided to bring back […]

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The Davinci Group: The SkyBar™ System is Here!

TDG Skybar System, front

7-Channel Home Theater Sound from 3 Discrete In-Ceiling Speakers Complete 7.1 Skybar™ System – The DaVinci Group Elegant environments deserve elegant solutions. To achieve full 7-channel home theater sound the old method required cutting 7 often unattractive holes into a ceiling. This was time consuming and often so unattractive that homeowners said they’d rather go without […]

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Torus Power Isolation Transformers Dramatically Reduce Noise Floor

Torus Power RM Series

Torus Power’s Kevin Main tells us how he has been involved in hundreds of installations in which Torus Power isolation transformers and power transformers have been used. The result is the same every time: Knowledgeable integrators all comment on how Torus Toroidal Isolation changes the noise background with a reduced noise floor that results in […]

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Tannoy Revolution XT Explained

Tannoy Revolution XT full
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TDG Audio Explains iWLCR-66 Signature Series In-Wall Speaker

TDG IWLCR66,front

From rAVe Publications at ISE 2017

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Torus Power AVR2 Eliminates Voltage Woes

Torus Power AVR20-img

The homeowners at The Residences at the Stoneleigh, an upscale condo complex adjacent to the lively neighborhood of Uptown, Dallas, have the luxury of designing their ideal floorplans and stocking their new apartments with the latest in audiovisual equipment. From Sonos distributed audio systems to full Crestron control, the residents can take advantage of state-of-the-art […]

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The Need For Clean Power

Torus Power AVR Series

David’s Take: The Need For Clean Power wifihifi It is easy to forget that the AC power coming out of your wall outlet is unimaginably “dirty.” Ideally, the AC power should look like a perfectly smooth sine wave. In reality, the AC can be corrupted with noise and distortion. “Dirty” AC power looks pretty jagged […]

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Isolated Room with Isolated Power Offers the Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Torus Power isolated theater room

The owners of this Ontario home theater spared no expense transforming a garage basement into a movie lover’s and gamers’ paradise. Torus Power– Many custom integrators and home technology professionals dream of a project where budget limits are of little consideration, acoustics comes before interior design, and the client is passionate about the technology. Station […]

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Tannoy to keep Prestige speaker production in Scotland

Tannoy Prestige, top

Following Tannoy’s takeover by Music Group, and the rumours suggesting moving production to China, the company has said it will keep production in Scotland and is considering a brand-new factory. WHAT HIFI, Max Langridge Uli Behringer, head of Music Group, the owners of Tannoy, has said production of the Prestige range of loudspeakers, as well […]

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Product Spotlight: Jensen Iso-Max FAQ

Jensen Isomax PI-2xx

In 1994, Jensen™ Transformers introduced the ISO-MAX brand which offers transformers in “plug and play” packages for home theater use. This line of products includes isolators for balanced audio, video and television as well as special-purpose interface boxes of all kinds. Here are some of the most frequently asked product questions: What is the benefit […]

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