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Employing Simplex Data Circuits for Ultra-High-Security Networking

Patton, W. Glendon Flowers Once upon a time, full-duplex transmission was introduced as a groundbreaking network technology. Now, in the age of multiplying cyber attacks, we have good reasons to revert to simplex circuits. Unidirectional connections provide network protection and offer reliable, hardware-based, cyber security. Data diodes can provide hardware-based simplex communication circuits. Most commonly […]

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Introducing Dante AVoIP

Dante is now Audio plus Video-over-IP! Patton introduces the first-ever DanteAV – Audio-and-Video-over-IP gateways that provide high performance, comprehensive management, deterministic LOW latency, and total interoperability. Independently route 8 Dante audio channels and multiple 4K60|4:4:4, HDCP encrypted video channels on an existing 1G network. One-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many, all on a single network clock. The FiberPlex […]

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Patton Ships Dante AV Encoder/Decoder

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton—US manufacturer of Pro-AV, Unified Communications, and ALL-IP cloud solutions—has successfully shipped the initial production run of the FPX6000 AVoIP Gateway series, the world’s first Dante AV encoders and decoders—despite the global supply-chain shortage of silicon computer chips. “Our first production run on these immensely popular AVoIP gateways has completely sold out,” said Buddy Oliver, VP of Product Management. […]

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Patton Professional Audio-Video Solutions

FiberPlex products deliver audio or video distribution solutions with expandable bandwidth, elevated speeds, and at long distances without the noise and jitter that jeopardizes audio and video quality. FiberPlex solutions and tools provide high-resolution transport and extension of A/V live events, recording, and broadcast and deliver the benefits offered by high noise rejection, long distances, […]

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Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call Integrated with Vocera Communicator Badges using Hospital Telephony

SmartNode VoIP Gateway enables Rauland’s Responder 5 and SIP Endpoints to seamlessly integrate with the Vocera Wireless Communicator Badges using Hospital PBX systems. The Problem In order for Vocera “Communicator” Badges to integrate with Rauland’s Responder 6 and other Nurse Call Systems, facility PBX integration is also needed to translate telephony signaling and audio into […]

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Patton Announces the Industry’s Most Flexible High-Density FXS VoIP Gateway

Boasting FXS lines that can reach six miles or more, the SmartNode SN4740 VoIP Gateway integrates up to 128 analog handsets with ALL-IP communications GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton —US manufacturer of world-renowned SmartNode VoIP solutions—announces the first-generation release of the SmartNode SN4740 series of analog high-density VoIP Gateways. Patton’s new multi-port FXS VoIP gateway can IP-enable and interconnect existing Plain […]

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How to Deliver IP Telephony in Harsh Environments

Patton Blog Have you ever needed to deliver voice-over-IP traffic to outdoor endpoints?  What about emergency phones in such places as parking lots, roadsides, or rail right of ways?  How can you provide IP-telephony services within underground tunnels or other locations where environmental factors are beyond your control? ALL-IP. The recent and continuing expansion of ALL-IP […]

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IP-Enabling Analog Emergency Call Stations

Patton IP Channel bank

Patton Blog  – Emergency phones, call boxes, access control terminals (ACTs)  and emergency notification devices are designed and deployed to save lives and limbs. Yet many such endpoint devices were designed with analog interfaces that do not readily interconnect with modern Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based telephony systems or communicate across today’s IP networks.   Code […]

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Why Fiber? Eight Pillars of Secure Digital Communications

Patton 8 pillars,top view

Patton Electronics, Burt Patton Why choose fiber? When would I use fiber instead of copper? These are common questions our clients ask. While copper and fiber each have viable roles in network designs, some folks may be less familiar with the benefits of fiber-optic cabling infrastructure. With this in mind, we have put together a […]

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Turning on IPv6: Why do it?

Patton IPv6 ready

W. Glendon Flower, Product Marketing Manager, Patton Electronics Co Pv6 is “adulting.”  No longer a playground for innovators and early adopters, the new-generation technology has “grown up” having now reached early majority status. So, the IP-networking world is turning IPv6 on, and turning IPv4 off. But why?           Well for starters, all five of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)—nonprofit corporations that […]

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