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Acoustic Treatment for a Noisy World

 Be Heard How many times have you found yourself in a bustling restaurant, a noisy office, or any crowded public space where carrying on a conversation becomes a challenge? The frustration is real, and it’s not just an inconvenience – bad acoustics can have a significant impact on our daily lives and overall well-being. But […]

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250 tons of plastic recycled into Vicoustic acoustic panels

Vicoustic turned 250 tons of plastic waste into acoustic solutions, since it started using VicPET Wool as raw material, the equivalent to over 22 Million 500 ml PET bottles. With VicPET Wool as the new primary raw material, Vicoustic is becoming a game changer in the acoustic panels market. Consisting of mainly recycled plastic waste […]

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Product Spotlight: Primacoustic Element Panels

Primacoustic Honeycomb 4-color-set

The Primacoustic Element™ panels are a range of acoustic absorbers that are designed to give users more aesthetic options in their rooms. Rather than being limited to the typical square and rectangular panels found in most studios, the hexagonal shape and beveled edges allow the panels to be installed in unique patterns and clusters. Now […]

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Primacoustic Now Offering Free Room Acoustics Analysis

Primacoustic Music London -12

Primacoustic has announced a comprehensive room acoustics analysis service that can be accessed through the company’s website. This free service invites the user to fill out a series of questions that will be used to determine the acoustic issues with the space. Once filled out, the form is sent to an acoustic specialist who will engage with […]

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