The Latest in Televic Conference Solutions

  1. Plixus AE-R, a brand-new central conference engine. It is compact, features integrated recording, and does not require a dedicated pc for discussion and interpretation. What’s more, it makes any combination of wired and wireless rooms a reality. More:
  2. Lingua Infrared. A new infrared language distribution system. Combined with the new Plixus AE-R engine and Televic Conference’s award-winning ISO-compliant Lingua interpreter desk, it makes it easy for participants to understand speakers in their own language. More:
  3. Plixus Nameplate. An ultra-thin E Ink nameplate that saves time, money, and manual labor by replacing paper. It comes with a unique request to speak button & indicator and very flexible and user-friendly management software. More:
  4. D-Cerno SL. A new plug and play system designed for smaller and medium-sized conferences to create a more streamlined experience that fits in in any conference venue. It was designed to be compact yet robust and it features a removable microphone. More:
  5. Congressify, a dedicated software solution that brings rich meeting information to every participant’s device. This new BYOD product makes it easy for anyone who attends a conference to see who is speaking, what the voting results are, to consult documents, and much more. More:
  6. T-Council, an integrated hardware and software solution, makes it easier for city councils to focus on the meeting instead of the complex management behind the meeting. It allows a city council to control, record, and stream a meeting all in one integrated interface. More:

With six new innovative and flexible products introduced earlier this year, Televic wants to make moderated meetings even more successful.”By introducing both hardware and software innovations we want to send a clear message about our commitment to the future of conference solutions. Televic Conference is driven to provide our partners with forward-looking and flexible solutions that enable their customers to succeed”, says Bart Deschodt, Televic Conference General Manager.