What you need to know about MediaMatrix® SCION® & sNET™


MediaMatrix® recently launched SCION® – 3rd generation digital signal processors (DSP), and the MediaMatrix sNET™, an AES67 – SMPTE ST 2110 compliant protocol and supported standards based on RAVENNA for high quality lossless synchronized Audio over IP (AoIP).

With more than 10,000 MediaMatrix and other 3rd party legacy systems globally, a path is desired to solve the end user’s expectations to migrate equipment from such systems to the latest and emerging protocols and standards for real-time lossless streaming audio compliant with ST 2110, a suite of standards from the (SMPTE) to send professional media over managed IP networks.

SCION is a Scalable Control Input Output Node – networkable media & control digital signal processor (DSP) in a 2U rack space chassis.

Features, Benefits & Advantages

• Flexible “Build It Your Own Way” hardware specification and configuration.
Optional additional DSP-CPU card | sNET™ Network Audio Expansion | Audio Network Modules – Dante® / CobraNet® | Local I/O cards | Front LCD-Control | Aux Power Module; allows built-for-purpose configuration while supporting future upgrade and system expansion.

• High-resolution 96kHz sample rate 32-bit processing.
Allows live performance audio feeds and transient sounds to be retained, processed, and distributed without loss. Audible anomalies and harshness, effectively smearing the high-end frequencies, typically heard at lower sample rates are avoided.

• Up to 256×256 @ 96kHz or 512×512 @ 48kHz 24-bit I/O audio channels via sNET in a single 2RU frame from redundant GBit ports.
Supports optional high-quality lossless 96kHz performance audio 256×256 or public address 48kHz distributed audio up to 512×512 I/O channels from a 2U rack mount device with dual redundant GBit ports, IEEE 802.3 compliant, coexisting on shared network infrastructure.

• Fully AES67 and ST 2110 compliant supporting broadcast and motion picture industry requirements.
Interfaces directly on the same network domain with broadcast industry equipment utilizing RAVENNA – AES67 streams supporting ST 2110 and other broadcast industry standards with full redundancy packet transport.

• Multiple protocol streams supported – MediaMatrix sNET™ RAVENNA – AES67, Dante®, CobraNet®.
Allows gradual migration leaving some legacy systems in place while others are upgraded as and when required, budget and time permitting.

• Dual control LAN ports for redundant or multi-domain connectivity and future media transport.
Mission critical and life safety systems benefit from dual managed control ports allowing separate network domain connectivity for redundancy or isolated secure managed front and back of house network connected user interfaces and media control processing devices.

• AEC channels greater than >64 with selectable tail times.
Now supported directly within nWare utilizing onboard DSP-CPU processing rather than costly optional AEC cards. Rock solid MediaMatrix Gen-3 algorithm allows efficient DSP and memory usage from the smallest meeting room to largest auditorium. Legacy Nio-AEC cards can also be reused with the SCION.

• Media playback up to 128 channels.
Together with ST 2110, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and other industry standards supported from the SCION platform allows individual or multi-channel mixed frame-accurate synchronous or asynchronous media playback with no need for additional media players within the system.

• Media storage up to 512GB on board.
Local media storage for all GUI and media playback can be further expanded with access to network-attached storage devices.

• Serial and GPIO connectivity.
RS232, RS485, and GPIO-25 interface connectivity allows backward compatibility with NION series processors.

• nWare 3.0 & Kiosk2Go award-winning design & control software suite supported.
Backward compatible with previous releases of nWare via a simple ‘update devices’ process avoids costly re-programming, testing, and commissioning expenses or lost revenues due to venue/attraction downtime.

This revolutionary product not only solves the now 10+ year ongoing challenge of how to engineer, redesign and cost-effectively migrate large and enterprise systems to the latest industry protocols and standards but also adds up to five (5) times greater DSP power and backward compatibility with all NION DSP frames, legacy network connected I/O bridges, control processors and touch screen interfaces.

All of this and much more is capable with the SCION Media & Control platform allowing time and flexibility to execute a realistic cost-effective migration plan with exceptionally lower financial outlay executed at the convenience of the end-user with virtually no downtime.

For further information on how the SCION platform can benefit your venue visit PeaveyCommercialAudio.com or contact your nearest Peavey Commercial Audio – MediaMatrix dealer.