WyreStorm HAOC Cable: Perfect for all Markets!

Perfect for markets like Retail, Residential, Corporate…
Actually, perfect for ALL Markets!

WyreStorm’s Hybrid Active Optical Cables (HAOC) are like your standard HDMI cable—only better. Our HAOC series has a number of features your typical HDMI cable doesn’t, making them perfect for when you want a cost-effective solution that is as simple as possible and loaded with capability. They are the perfect cable for a wide variety of applications.

With fiber optic cores, the HAOC series is a step above your standard HDMI cable by eliminating EM or RF interference. Fiber optic cores also allow HAOC’s to send pixel perfect 5K, Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content uncompressed further than traditional copper transmission.

HAOC Cables in Retail Environments

HAOC are the perfect solution for any application, but they are particularly well-suited for retail and commercial environments.

Their quality is guaranteed, with ISF certifications to ensure the best quality construction and performance. And because they are plenum and CPR safety rated, all HAOC’s can be run through walls, ceilings, or conduit. Our longest ProAV cable stretches 50m, with a maximum pull tension of 33lbs!

With high-quality aluminum heads, Kevlar protected transmission cores, and durability of being bent repeatedly at a 90-degree angle, the HAOC’s are the perfect fit for any installation.

The HAOC P and C series feature removable heads, which makes feeding them through conduit a breeze. Also, because they are 100% passive there is no need for separate power—they draw power from the source!

HAOC Cables in Residential Environments

Need a solid cable for your home? With next generation support, the HAOC series are a future-ready solution that transmit the highest video quality with ease.

They are perfect for gaming as they display the image with zero delay and make motion smoother by eliminating any choppiness that comes with varying frame rates.

And, being a completely transparent method of communication, they allow CEC and ARC communication between a TV and a sound bar or an audio/video receiver.

HAOC cables make the perfect accessory to any WyreStorm 4K UHD distribution and are an absolute must for today’s AV projects that require rock-solid delivery of the latest content over full-bandwidth 24Gbps HDMI.

HAOC cables are truly the perfect solution for any of your cabling needs; they are ideal for all environments, whether it be a corporate, residential, government, retail, or hospitality.